works like a smart online office - Integrative, flexible, safe

EGroupware provides Group calendars, address books, tasks for appointments, meetings, and contact management with CRM, projects, tracking system, online file server management, e-mail client: EGroupware is open-source enterprise software for business use. The software supports integrated project teams across and within organizational boundaries.

It works on Windows, Linux or Mac – EGroupware runs browser-based and thereby independent from the installed running system. The mobile version enables online access to all data on the go – without any need for synchronization.

Interlinking any data across applications and setting up business processes through configurable custom fields are making EGroupware desirable for companies, who require the highest flexibility from a collaborative software solution.

  • Calendar: Easy Calendar management with EGroupware - manage your appointments smartly, you can optimize the cooperation with your team, no matter wherever you are. You will always have an overview of all appointments at all times in your hand. EGroupware provides transparency and an overview for you and your colleagues. With just one click you can initialize video conferences via Jitsi or BigBlueButton.

  • File Manager: Manage data securely: Now Edit the documents in a structured way and at any location. The EGroupware online collaboration file manager helps you to structure your files/content in the company and including external partners. Especially when you are working from home, the file manager is an added value for your company's data/content/documents.

  • Email: Email communication made easy. The EGroupware email client software supports your team in processing emails smoothly. Emails. You can optimize your collaboration because you can access your emails from anywhere. Shared group/common mailboxes facilitate communication and keep everyone on the same information level.

  • smallPART: Video-based learning with smallPART application - You can learn directly “in the video”. students can ask any questions or give feedback directly in the video to make the learning session effective. Marking in the image like a whiteboard is also possible without any effort. Use previous recordings from online lessons for structured video-based learning. New Feature: Integration of single, multiple, and open questions for tests and exams.

  • videoconference: Organize and start video conferences with just one click. EGroupware offers various options to organize the video conference or webinar room easily. By integrating the Jitsi or BigBlueButton open source solutions into EGroupware, users can use the format that suits best to them.

  • Kanban: Managing Process workflows with Kanban -In EGroupware EPL you can control tasks/processes easily and smartly with the new Kanban application. The Kanban method is very much suitable for sales processes, project management, software development, or the management of other processes/services.

The basic of the Kanban process is visualization & limitation of the tasks to be completed simultaneously. As soon as capacities become free, an employee “picks” a task from the pool and pulls it onto, and sets the status “Work in Progress”.

  • Collabora Online-Office

  • Tasks and projects

  • Customer management

  • Projects

  • Ticket system

  • Guacamole

  • Addressbook

  • Administration

  • Rocket.Chat

  • Telephone Integration

  • Homeoffice Integration

  • Resources

  • Timesheet

  • Synchronization

  • Mobile Access

  • Import/Export

  • EGroupware Mailserver Packages

  • Spam and virus filtering